The claim resolution portal saves time and improves accuracy

eResolve™ is the one stop shop for all claim activity

eResolve Title eResolve™ CAXGOMJR e1368660788220 eResolve™ eResolve™ saves time and improves accuracy by automating all of the iterative tasks associated with claim communication, administration and recovery.   Validated payment errors automatically port from eRecover™ (the web audit tool) to eResolve™ including all supporting documentation.  eResolve™ eliminates the labor associated with printing, sending and replying to hard copy claim documents. Reviewing, approving, and questioning become part of an electronic workflow.

Get Rid Of The PaperPaper Man iStock 000004145220Small eResolve™

With eResolve™ paper copies of claims for review and distribution will go the way of the VCR recorder.  When claims are communicated they are not attachments to an email,  but rather a URL link to the claim and all detail hosted on ATG servers.  This eliminates the problem of emailing large documents and provides for fast, accurate document access.

Users can see on demand:

  • Any claim,  supporting documentation, disposition and communication history
  • Analytical and graphical reports including real-time audit management reporting – both grid and graphical depiction of current results and year over year comparisons

The eResolve™ portal is unique to each client.  It is refreshed with each data update and adds greatly to auditor efficiency.


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