Enable your internal team to optimize in-house error detection and correction with cloud based audit tools that make you a better partner with merchants and vendors.

Retailers with internal recovery audit teams are already reducing the cost of recovery.  Now you can take it to the next level of bringing all of the recovery in-house while at the same time accelerating error detection and correction to be closer to the transaction.  The ATG-Advantage™ program provides everything needed for your internal team to beat the pro’s at their own game

Why Accelerate Recovery for Internal Teams?

Getting it right sooner has many benefits including improved use of cash, higher recovery and better service to merchants and vendors who can focus on today’s business rather than last year’s mistakes.

How to Accelerate Internal Recovery Audit Teams?

Internal recovery audit teams are only as good as their data, audit tools and training.. We help optimize all three with best in class data support services, cloud based audit tools and ongoing training and support for the audit team.  ATG assimilates transaction data on a short interval frequency in support of monthly reviews timed 90 days in arrears to not conflict with vendor billings.  In fact Tops Market’s internal team recovered 99% of total overpayments.   After this performance the external third party provider resigned future audits.

What is the Solution to Accelerating Audit?

It’s called RecoverNOW™ – Near real-time error detection and correction that improves use of cash and service to merchants and vendors alike who can focus on today’s business rather than last year’s mistakes.  Your team can get it right sooner with the ATG-Advantage™.

Watch the Tops Markets Internal Team Case Study video below.