Cloud based audit tools for efficiency, accuracy and timeliness

ATG clients and their vendors want recovery audits accelerated close to the transaction.  Getting it right sooner begins with efficient audit tools that make it cost effective to increase the data refresh and assimilation frequency for shorter interval payment error detection.  eRecover™ is the cornerstone of our best in class audit toolset enabling a distributed work environment for both ATG and client audit teams — all that is needed is internet connectivity.  Algorithms for each audit routine are based on industry best practices and customized to unique client business rules.  The result is efficiently identifying and validating payment errors from within the audit tool without the need to access data from any other source.  This greatly increases efficiency and accuracy.  Once validated, claims automatically port to the eResolve™ claim resolution portal for effective electronic workflow administration of all activity up to and including uploads for deduction.

Clients with average procure-to-pay data quality can enjoy the benefits of this advanced technology including monthly review frequency.  Because payment errors are detected and corrected at the granular invoice level, claims have the appearance of normal adjustments making it easier for vendors to digest.  ATG performs a one-time on-boarding process for each client to automate the data feeds into our data warehouse for subsequent assimilation and access by eRecover™ users.

eRecover™ enables audit teams to “pull” pre-configured audit routines on demand in a matter of seconds or create their own ad hoc query exception reports.  The exceptions are generated through application of customized algorithms against the prepared data sets. The audit team then validates amounts identified as owing. Each audit routine produces a summary report with total amounts owing by vendor. There are a series of drill down reports to research and validate each identified amount owing from within the eRecover™ system. This greatly enhances efficiency. Once verified, an electronic record is created for each “adjustment” and automatically ports to eResolve™ and/or to Accounts Payable for recovery as an adjustment to the vendor’s sequent invoice.

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