Up Your Game With A Larger Recovery Audit Contribution

Accelerating recovery provides visibility to vendor trade funds

When data assimilation is accelerated to support near real time audits, it unlocks the ability to repurpose transaction data for more profit producing purposes like, analytics, providing actionable data, such as a true picture of net cost including all forms of trade funds.

Why Visibility to Trade funds is Important?

Most grocers stand to realize a 50 to 150 basis point margin gain with information that is at least as good the vendor’s.

How Can I Gain Transparency to Trade funds?

Trade fund transparency is generated by repurposing a transaction relational database originally prepared and hosted for near real-time detection and correction to our application providing on-demand access to vendor performance.

What is the Solution for Trade Fund Transparency?

It’s called TradeView Analytics™ – A cloud based application hosted on Microsoft Azure.  TradeView Analytics™ is provided to retailers through the Audit Technology Group and Topco Associates joint venture, Avantis Partners LLC. See Joint Venture Press Release here.

Watch the TradeView Analytics™ video Below.