How Recovery Audit & TradeView Analalytics™ Are Integrated

Audit Technology Group (ATG) provides the TradeView Analytics™ (TVA) application and the data support services to clients through the Avantis Partners LLC joint venture with Topco Associates LLC.  The ATG data support services also drive the integrated recovery audit program provided by ATG.  This integrated recovery audit eliminates all up front cost to onboard new program participant trannsaction data – an average savings of $300k to $500k in one-time set up costs.  In effect the integrated recovery audit pays for the onboarding of  data to the TVA program, assimilation and go forward data refreshment.

ATG’s recovery audit services lead the industry with advanced technology and acceleration of audits to monthly cycles timed to not interfere with vendor billings.  They have replaced the old “pay and chase” recovery audit model with near real-time error detection and correction that is user friendly for finance, merchants and vendors alike.

RecoverNOW– The only proven monthly recovery audit program for retailers. The integrated near real-time recovery audit ensures Members get what they negotiated.  The program detects and corrects missed vendor billings, under-deductions and other amounts owed.  By identifying these errors closer to the transaction improves recovery and reduces interference with vendor billings.  The assimilated P-2-P transaction data created for audit and refreshed monthly also powers TradeView Analytics™.

TradeView Analytics– The only commercially available application for on-demand visibility to vendor performance, trade funds and net cost to drive fact based vendor negotiations.  This program helps Members optimize trade funds and trade fund effectiveness.
More on each of these to programs follows:

RecoverNOW™ – Program development for TradeView Analytics™ was an outgrowth of ATG’s near real-time recovery audit process and monthly procure-2-pay transaction data assimilation.   Key highlights of “RecoverNOW” near real-time audit include:

    • Monthly reviews with 60 to 90-day lag behind the transaction to avoid vendor billing conflicts.
    • Missed trade funds, other errors and amounts owing from vendors are detected and corrected close to the transaction.
    • Recovery resembles normal adjustments making it easier for finance, merchants and manufacturers alike.

The ATG recovery audit eliminates the cost associated with on-boarding data to TradeView Analytics™ significantly benefiting program economics.  All TradeView Analytics program participants to date make use of the integrated ATG “RecoverNOW” audit.

The process begins with systematic data transmission to ATG no less frequently than monthly.  Data is assimilated and appended to each client data warehouse for access by cloud based audit tools.  The chart below depicts the integrated TradeView Analytics™ and Recovery Audit relationship: