December 2015

By Paul Dinkins, Avantis Partners LLC Board Member and ATG Executive Vice President

Topco Associates and Audit Technology Group (ATG) formed a joint venture, Avantis Partners LLC, in February 2015 combining ATG’s transaction data aggregation analytics platform with Topco’s category management expertise to deliver retailers on-demand views of vendor performance metrics through a SaaS application knows as TradeView analytics™.  The application offers visibility into trade funds from the item level up providing a true picture of net costs as well as comparative benchmarks to drive optimal vendor negotiations.  TradeView Analytics™ is available to all retailers and is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Brookshire Grocery Company, headquartered in Tyler, Texas was ATG’s original beta partner to develop this program, the success of which lead to the joint venture with Topco Associates.  Beginning May, 2015 Avantis, LLC and ATG executives began meeting with retailers to demonstrate the program and explain benefits.  Since then seven additional grocery retailers have committed to participate in the program including Weis Markets, Raley’s, KVAT, Coborn’s, Big Y, Tops Markets and HyVee. 

Each performance metric is cast at the item, brand, sub-category, category, department and company levels with year over year comparison trends to quickly identify the extent of vendor support and identify negotiating opportunities to drive margin.  

ATG’s monthly transaction data assimilation originally developed for near real-time monthly recovery audits is the data engine powering the integrated TradeView Analytics™ program.  The integrated recovery audit covers the cost of data onboarding for TradeView Analytics™.    To date all participating Members have opted to use ATG for their recovery audits given the integrated financial advantage.

Look for more TradeView Analytics program updates.  For additional information contact:  Paul Dinkins, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, ATG;,  Office (224) 206-5807; Cell (970) 219-5768