Video- ATG In 60 Seconds

Once upon a dime, two bright guys had a bright business idea.  They approached their former employers with the same proposal: “I’ll poke around to see if you’ve accidentally overpaid your vendors. If I can find errors in your favor, and get your money back we both win.” Thus an industry was born.  But some of us thought recovery auditing could be better — specifically, by detecting payment errors closer to the transaction.  Like, every month instead of just once a year.  So we decided to form ATG – and get it right sooner.  We pioneered advanced web applications for audit and recovery.  Then we developed a real game-changer, RecoverNow™.  It’s the only near real-time recovery audit program that provides full-scope monthly audits to retailers.  With RecoverNow, you’ll see as much as thirty percent increased recovery because errors are being detected while events are still fresh in everyone’s minds.  Less arguing over old claims leads to more peaceful relations with your merchants and vendors, and funnels money back to your Finance department faster and more often.  We repurpose data for easy-to-use analytics that help you negotiate better margins with your vendors.  Over a decade plus of hard work is paying off.  We’ve transformed from a recovery audit firm to a robust technology solution provider helping the largest number of retail grocers in the United States get their money sooner, dramatically improving the bottom line and vendor relations.  How much will you gain when you start getting it right sooner.  Contact us to learn how our solutions can work for you.